2024 "Smoke at the Lodge" Cookers

2024 Competition Cook Teams

"Backdraft BBQ "
"Bayou BBQ"
"Brotherly Grub and Affection"
"Chucktown BBQ Guys"
"Low smoke BBQ"
"Cook Team 2"
"Cook Team 3"
"Creek Boys BBQ"
"Fu Man Que"
"Hog Tied BBQ"
"Hog Wild Neighbors"
"Monkey Bottom Boys"
"OMAR Bootleggers BBQ"
"OMAR Cowboys"
"PaPa's Que"
"Smoke Central BBQ"
"Southern Stew & Que"​
"​The Pit Warriors"
"Ultimate Tailgaters BBQ"​
"​We Like Big Butts"
"Tisdale and Son's BBQ"