Summerville Masonic Lodge No. 234 is located in the heart of beautiful Summerville, SC. Please take some time to explore our site. We are always updating it, and hope to provide our members and guests with an effective way to keep informed on everything taking place at the Lodge. We also provide information for those interested about our orders and about what Freemasonry can add to our community and the world at large.
      Welcome to Summerville Masonic Lodge
Summerville, South Carolina
~3rd Masonic District~
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Photo by: James Bouknight, PM, PDDGM
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Congratulations to our new Master Masons!
A little humor never hurts!
~The Irate Wife~

A Master Mason who had just been installed as Senior Warden of his Lodge and of course was attending all of the lodge functions he could, was having a hard time with his wife who said

"All the Master of the Lodge has to do is snap his finger and you would be there wouldn't you?

I wish I was the Master of the Lodge!"

After due thought, he said, "So do I dear, we swap them for new ones every year!"

    Richard Tarpley        Joseph Watson
  Steven Cummings           Peter Klics