Summerville Masonic Lodge No. 234 is located in the heart of beautiful Summerville, SC. Please take some time to explore our site. We are always updating it, and hope to provide our members and guests with an effective way to keep informed on everything taking place at the Lodge. We also provide information for those interested about our orders and about what Freemasonry can add to our community and the world at large.
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Summerville, South Carolina
~3rd Masonic District~
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Photo by: James Bouknight, PM, PDDGM
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A little humor never hurts!
~The Masons Did It~

In the days of the old west, a young man held up the town bank, and in doing so shot and kiled the teller. Several people in the bank saw him well enough to identify him, and as he rode out of town a possee was formed. In a short time they had captured him and took him to the town jail. He was duly tried and sentenced to hang for his crime.

On the appointed day of his hanging, a scaffold was erected outside the jail. The young man was lead up the steps to the top of the scaffold, the judge read his sentance, and asked the fellow if he had anything to say.

"I sure do judge. If it wasen't for those dang Masons, I wouldn't be here."

The judge inquired to what he referred.

"Well, the sheriff who pursued me was a Mason, as were most of his possee. The jury were mostly Masons and you judge, are a Mason.
If It wasn't for you dang Masons, I wouldn't be here."

The hangman put the hood over his head, a rope around his neck, took him by the right arm and said,

"Take one regular step foward with your left foot."

     Jonathan Breed                    Corey Westbrook