Summerville Masonic Lodge No. 234 is located in the heart of beautiful Summerville, SC. Please take some time to explore our site. We are always updating it, and hope to provide our members and guests with an effective way to keep informed on everything taking place at the Lodge. We also provide information for those interested about our orders and about what Freemasonry can add to our community and the world at large.
      Welcome to Summerville Masonic Lodge
Summerville, South Carolina
~3rd Masonic District~
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Photo by: James Bouknight, PM, PDDGM
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A little humor never hurts!
~Tyled Room~

While I was visiting a newly made brother at home one day, the new brother's wife took me to one side and said that her husband had started acting very strange since joining our Masonic Lodge.

I asked in what way?

She said "Well, he locks himself in the bathroom with a piece of paper for hours on end and mumbling to himself, something about tools".

Later that evening, I turned the conversation to the lodge, and asked the new brother how he was getting along.

"Oh fine" was his reply.

I asked him about his behavior and if there was anything wrong.

"No" was his reply.

So why lock yourself in the bathroom for hours on end?

Well he said "It's the only tyled room in the house"......

         James Gregg                     Mathew Fluharty               Kyle Gregory